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Airconditioning & Refrigeration


A window console is a self-contained air conditioning unit with both evaporator and condenser in the same unit  with outer coil exposed on the outside of the office with the inner coil on the inside.

Window console

A wall console has similar design characteristics to the window console, but usually has a bigger capacity and the design is more aesthetic, being less obtrusive and much tidier than the window console.

Wall console

The first of the designs in which the coils are separated into two units, being mounted separately. The first being mounted inside with a pipe-run leading to the outer coil which is then mounted some distance away depending on the requirements.

Mid wall split

The design characteristics are the same for a mid-wall, however, this unit is mounted directly under the ceiling and can have a larger extraction capacity than a mid wall unit.

Under ceiling split

Designed with larger rooms and better air distribution in mind, the cassette fits flush into a ceiling and caters for large volumes of air being recycled. These are usually found in a boardroom type set-up.


This unit is designed to be unobtrusive, and quiet, hence the term “hideaway” the hideaway is usually only visible by circular diffusers that are fitted flush with your ceiling.


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